Donation to Aid CVPH Employees
Published Oct. 26, 2022

Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital is thrilled to announce a generous donation that will go a long way towards growing and retaining our valued professional staff.

“I’m super grateful and incredibly excited to see what this brings, and I have no doubt that we will grow many wonderful people who will continue to live in our community and provide care to our patients” - Michelle LeBeau, CVPH president, said at a news conference Friday.

The donation of $1.2 million is through the William H. Miner Foundation to support the hospital’s Educational Career Advancement Program. The program is designed to give those working in health care the opportunity to further advance in their field. Participants are reimbursed for books and tuition for educational programs, and some may receive a stipend. They may also be able to adjust their work schedules if needed while they pursue degrees. Kara Keenan, an LPN at the hospital, said she followed her “Superhero” mom into the nursing field at a young age. Now, three years after giving birth to her daughter, she wants to become an RN.

The Educational Career Advancement Program is giving her that opportunity, she said, to become an example for her daughter. “This will give me the power to be my daughter’s superhero,” Keenan said. Dr. Rick Grant of the Miner Foundation said the donation is in the longtime spirit of support for the hospital that William Miner showed nearly 100 years ago. “William Miner built state-of-the-art Physician’s Hospital in 1926, but he understood that it was the highly trained and dedicated staff that made it successful,” Grant said.

There are eight employees — five in nursing and three in radiology — in the Educational Career Advancement Program, which should bear fruit in 12 to 18 months, said Jay Gonyea, director of Radiology Services. Gonyea said a shortage of staff has been a serious concern since the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic more than two years ago, and the Educational Career Advancement Program is a great way to attract and keep good people. “We need to look for innovative solutions to return to normal,” he said.

The Miner Foundation will be working with the Foundation of CVPH to award the funds. Program applications will be accepted on a yearly basis. Representatives from Patient Care/Nursing, Professional Services, the Foundation and Human Resources will review the applications and select participants based on open positions, future staffing projections and recruitment and retention trends.

Preference is given to those pursuing high-need, hard-to-fill roles in the organization.

LeBeau said the program is a great investment in the staff.

“One that could change their lives and have a lasting impact on our community,” she said.

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