UVMHN - Alice Hyde Employee Feature: Meet Kerry Robideau, CNA!
Published Jan. 22, 2024

Kerry Robideau, CNA, (center), with two colleagues at Alice Hyde Nursing Home. (2023).

The UVM Health Network and our affiliates, such as Alice Hyde Nursing Home, are staffed with passionate employees committed to providing top-quality care for patients and residents. 


Employee Spotlight: Kerry Robineau, CNA at Alice Hyde Nursing Home, is certainly one of our dedicated employees, proud of the work she does and the care she provides live-in residents on a daily basis. The UVM Health Network had the pleasure of speaking with Kerry, as she shared her experiences and the benefits of being a CNA at Alice Hyde.


How long have you been at Alice Hyde, and did you start there as a CNA?

KERRY: I started at the nursing home as a CNA, and it’ll be 25 years for me in April!


What year did you start?

KERRY: 1999. I was at the older hospital facility, back then.


What made you choose Alice Hyde Nursing Home over working at other healthcare facilities? What’s different about working there?

KERRY: When I first started in ‘99, I was in a hospital. They didn’t have carpets like they do here, the lighting and the hallways made it feel less like a ‘home’ and more like a hospital...but when I moved over to the nursing home, I felt more at ease. We don’t have to draw curtains in between patients to provide care, each patient has their own room here. Even if residents do end up sharing a room, there’s always a physical wall dividing them. I like working at this facility better because the care is more personal for the patients and for us.


When did you transition from the hospital over to the Alice Hyde nursing home facility?

KERRY: In 2015. I really wanted to come here. When I went through school and got my CNA, we did all of our training here, at the nursing home. Once I got certified, I immediately applied here because it was familiar to me, and I was familiar with many of the residents. It felt like the next best step for me, like something I wanted to do and could keep doing. 


So your history, and familiarity with the facility and its residents, were top motivators for you to choose working at Alice Hyde’s nursing facility?

KERRY: Yes. It already felt like I belonged there, even before I was there. It just seemed like the right fit from the beginning. It was.


Do you feel supported by your colleagues and coworkers at Alice Hyde?

KERRY: Absolutely. I work in memory care, in a lockdown unit. You must have a team mindset while you’re here, especially when you have a few people on the floor with you. Everyone bands together – if you need help, your colleagues are there. People know your name which makes it feel more friendly. If there are any problems, we have our lead LPN, who is always on the floor with us. We carry our walkies so we can radio for support at any time. It’s easy to find people here. The walkie-talkies especially make communication easier between departments. We have support contacts for anything and everything.


Do you feel the same level of support from department leaders and management?

KERRY: Always. Even on weekends, we can call and page our managers. If there are any issues at all, there’s always someone available for us. They even tell us, call day or night!


What do you believe are the top benefits of working here?

KERRY: Benefit-wise, I’d say the health insurance plan. The pay is also competitive, a big plus. The PTO and vacation time, too – it’s all a very generous package. The consistent support from management and staff is always appreciated. There’s always someone we can call – that way, issues get solved early, or before they even become issues. It’s nice working with people when you’re pretty much family. We’re a team so at the end of the day, we all have the same goals. 


Does the Network provide you and your peers with opportunities to grow? Are there professional development programs or education support services?

KERRY: There is a fantastic CNA training program here. The Network pays for the recertification of all current employees, too. Alice Hyde and UVMHN support us and encourage us to grow and develop our careers.


Do you have a favorite memory or story from your time at Alice Hyde?

KERRY: My favorite memories will always be resident outings and Spirit days. Outings are great because we get to see residents outside of their structured settings. It’s nice to see smiles on their faces in a different environment. Spirit days are also the best! Staff get to dress up as the picked theme for the day. Our Spirit days really excite the residents. Whether they are laughing at you or with you, it doesn’t matter because they are laughing! Residents even join in on these days if they choose to participate and be silly with us. Spirit days always lighten the mood for staff and residents, adding some fun and variety to the normal workday.


Would you recommend working at Alice Hyde to new CNAs and nurses entering the workforce?

KERRY: Yes. This is a great place for someone trying to grow a career. The pay is good off the bat. As I mentioned before, health insurance is covered. If someone is young or fresh out of school, or 26 years old, they can no longer be on their parents’ health insurance. If you’re a full-time employee here, Alice Hyde Medical Center (AHMC) provides 100% individual coverage for health insurance, dental, and optical. If you are a part-time employee with individual coverage, AHMC covers 80%, and the PT employee pays 20%. 


How about family coverage? Are full-time and part-time employees at Alice Hyde offered insurance coverage options for their family members, too?

KERRY: With family coverage for full-time employees, AHMC covers 80% for all health insurance benefits and the employee pays 20%. If you’re a part-time employee opting for family coverage, AHMC pays 80% of individual coverage, and the employee pays the remainder. Whether you’re looking for PT or FT opportunities, ones that offer individual coverage AND additional family member benefits, Alice Hyde has great options. 


Are there any other benefits that stand out to you?

KERRY: They give us an HRA, a health reimbursement account. It’s a card you swipe for your copays and other medical costs. All part-time and full-time employees who elect individual health insurance will get $350 per year on their HRA card, and employees who elect a family plan receive $900 per year. You swipe that HRA card for pretty much anything – for copays or filling medication. You could potentially go to the doctor seven times that year and fill all your medication, and still pay nothing out of pocket. It’s pretty awesome.


If Alice Hyde was a car, what kind of car would it be and why?

KERRY: It would have to be a very large SUV, like an Expedition, because that’s what you’re going to need to pack all of the people it takes to support you, to run this facility, and make sure the residents are happy. In fact, it takes a whole school bus of people! We work together to make sure everyone is well taken care of, always ensuring that patient needs are being met. So yes, I’m going to say an SUV or a school bus!

Are you a healthcare worker interested in growing your career in an environment that prioritizes your health and well-being? The UVM Health Network has a variety of clinical and non-clinical opportunities for you to join our dynamic teams. For more information on what’s available at UVMHN, Alice Hyde, and across our partner affiliates, visit https://www.uvmhealthnetworkcareers.org/.

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