‘This Is Exactly Where I Wanted to End Up’
Published Oct. 12, 2022
Cody Mazza enjoyed working at The University of Vermont Medical Center as an operating room assistant, but when given an opportunity to become a surgical tech, he jumped on it. “I loved being an Operating Room Assistant, but for me it felt like a …
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Innovative Idea Goes ‘Above and Beyond’
Published Oct. 5, 2022
"I’ve always tried to make everywhere I work a better place, even with little things that can make a huge impact for our patients." - Monica Buskey, BSN, RN - UVM Health Network - Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital Buskey has made a tremendous di…
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UVM eConsults Improve Access to Care, for Both Patients and Physicians
Published Sept. 29, 2022
During such a vulnerable time for healthcare providers across the nation, UVM Health Network never falls short and continues to improve quality access to specialty care. Telehealth options, such as eConsults, provide patients and their physicians wi…
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‘If You Have a Dream, You Don’t Give Up’
Published Sept. 27, 2022
Christina Saunders, RN, and Brody Hooper could see their patient struggling as they waited for a computed tomography (CT) scan to begin. Her breathing, already labored, would worsen when she lay flat for the procedure. Anxious and frightened, she n…
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A Second Chance
Published Aug. 21, 2022
Since the beginning of COVID-19, the use of drugs and alcohol has spiked in the region, leading to more Emergency Department visits from those struggling with addiction. Known in clinical settings as “substance-use disorder,” the diagnosis comes wit…
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